Built on Customer Service

The co-founders of Texas Select Garage Doors carry a deep passion to serve others into this newly formed garage door company.  To most companies, “great service” is nothing more than a buzz word for marketing purposes.  Here at Texas Select, we’re earning our customers’ trust the old fashioned way, by putting their needs above our own.

How are we striving to prove ourselves each day?

  1.  We Don’t Operate with a Salesman’s Mentality.  That means we won’t try to sell you more than what’s needed.  We’ll always provide honest recommendations based on the thousands of garage doors we’ve installed & repaired over the years.
  2. We Respect Your Time.  When you schedule an appointment with us, we take that as a huge compliment.  Many companies view you as “another job” and a “paycheck”.  We understand good business is built on good relationships.  That starts with showing up when we say we will.
  3. No Gimmicks.  No Bait & Switch.  Don’t you hate when you go in for a $29 oil change, and somehow the bill climbs up to $400?  We can’t stand that either!  So, you don’t have to worry about us ever using cheap tactics to get our foot in the door.  Call our team with confidence knowing prices & times quoted are reliable.

Call With Confidence.

We’ll Look Forward to Serving You Soon!